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Presente is a bilingual publication focused on Western PA’s growing Latinx community. We are the voice of Pittsburgh and Western PA’s Latinx community! Our mission is to share culturally relevant content that keeps our Latino population connected, empowers our community, and elevates the quality of life of Hispanics in the region. Our goals are to:

Our Story

PRESENTE was founded in 2019 by María Manautou Matos, a Puerto Rico native living in the Pittsburgh region for over 20 years. A student board member of Carnegie Mellon University’s Spanish and Latin Student Association, María passionately took on every opportunity to represent and highlight Latino cultures. Under her leadership, CMU held its first Latin America Food Festival to great acclaim.


Years passed. As a Hispanic professional, then a wife and mother, María found it challenging to stay connected to her roots and fellow Hispanics in the region. The population had grown exponentially, Latino leaders were making an impact, organizations were holding vibrant events and yet the news was net getting around. Keeping up with information scattered across multiple Facebook groups was tedious. Hispanics represent 19.5% of the U.S. population and are the second fastest growing-population segment since 2000. Regionally, Latinos are relocating to Western Pennsylvania at double the national rate.


There had to be a better way; Western PA Hispanics deserved it… And, that is when the idea for PRESENTE was born!

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How We Chose Our Name

About the Founder

María Manautou-Matos holds a bachelor’s degree from Carnegie Mellon University and a master’s degree from Duquesne University. She has worked in marketing communications and multimedia for over 15 years, most recently serving as Marketing Director for Brightside Academy. María partners with the Pittsburgh Hispanic Development Corporation, the Pittsburgh Metropolitan Area Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, and other organizations serving the local Latino community. As a licensed Bilingual Associate Agent with the Daniel Carinci Agency, María proudly serves Spanish-language insurance assistance, a much needed resource for the local Hispanic population.

For additional information or collaboration inquiries contact, LatinoNews@PresentePgh.com.

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Pittsburgh’s Hispanic community is the population segment experiencing the largest growth in the region. Our online magazine was created to connect, celebrate, and empower Pittsburgh Latinos. Our bilingual format is inclusive of 2nd to 4th generation Hispanics looking to connect with their roots and contribute to our growing community. Pittsburgh Latino Magazine is published by Presente Pittsburgh Media.

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