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By Christopher Cornejo, Presente Jourmalism Intern

The tastes of Latin America in Pittsburgh are ever-growing, and Gricelda Martinez, along with her husband Alberto, is at the heart of this growth with her restaurant BTOS Kitchen in Dormont. The husband-wife team have previously started and sold two successful restaurants. 

“I’ve been in the United States for 18 years, and in that time my experiences have been so incredible and where I am in life is something like a dream come true,” says Martinez. 

BTOS Kitchen Specialties

She operates BTOS Kitchen with a focus on customer service. During our interview, Gricelda seamlessly switched her attention from answering my questions to serving a customer then finishing her answer. This sort of experience is coupled with her husband’s cooking skills, making them what she would describe as the perfect team.


BTOS Kitchen originally opened in 2020, during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. Gricelda and Alberto considered it a challenge to serve delicious food in a safe manner. Since then, the restaurant continues to serve customers authentic Mexican cuisine. 

“It is obviously a challenge, especially since we began in the pandemic. Thank God our business is still open and is offering a great experience,” said Martinez.

Her husband specializes in Mexican cuisine, with an even more focused specialty on meat and carne asada. Gricelda takes care of the popular drinks and cocktails menu, emphasizing the need to use fresh fruits and ingredients. 

“I stray away from artificial ingredients and flavors because that’s not what costumers come to our restaurants for,” she says “and I will always be proud of the looks on the faces of our satisfied clients.”


The couple wanted to further expand on the success of BTOs and now has their sight opening Los Inmortales Fondita, in nearby Beechview on the popular Broadway avenue. Gricelda husband is from Mexico and she is from El Salvador, together they have a unique take on tastes an flavors that will be incorporated into the new restaurant. 

Gricelda and Alberto pride themselves on the businesses they have built and the positive reception from their beloved customers. They are excited for the possibilities this year can bring and the opportunities to satisfy even more people.

“We are very happy and proud of our restaurant and what we have built together, and we will continue to work together like we always do,” Martinez says. 

You can taste the delicious Mexican cuisine featured at BTOS kitchen on West Liberty Avenue in Dormont, Pittsburgh.

BTOS Kitchen
3001 W Liberty Ave., Pittsburgh PA 15216
(412) 668-0499

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