Camerata33 promotes Latin American chamber music in Pittsburgh region

Camerata33 Latin American Chamber Music is a professional chamber orchestra based in Pittsburgh. Part of their mission is to help promote, strengthen, and diversify the presence of Latin American chamber music in halls of the United States.

We believe music is a universal language with power as a teaching tool.”

Camilo Jauregui, Co-director Latin American Chamber Orchestra

The group also has a particular interest in sharing the beauty and variety of the music with neighbors around the Pittsburgh region. Nearly half of their performers are originally from Latin America, with other members from Pittsburgh and Wisconsin.

Collectively, they share their experience and teach the love of Latin American chamber music with our community. During their concerts, they interact with the audience in both English and Spanish.

This Hispanic Heritage Month you can join them at their upcoming concert – Tangueando Around the World – at 7:30 pm in the Goodwin Performing Arts Center at Waynesburg University. Tickets for the concert may be purchased/reserved online.

To contact Camerata33 for additional information, visit their Facebook page, or reach out to Camilo Jauregui or Alejandro Pinzón, Co-directors Latin American Chamber Orchestra, at camerata33@gmail.com.

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