Latino Candidate for Lt Governor Ray Sosa shares his vision for a better Pennsylvania

By Christopher Cornejo for Pittsburgh Latino Magazine

Ray Sosa feels there is a problem in Pennsylvania. He is up for election as a member of the Democratic party for the 2022 Pennsylvania Elections for the seat of Lieutenant Governor. Sosa feels his experience and skills make him the perfect candidate for the position. 

His fellow Democratic candidates Austin Davis and Brian Sims all have different backgrounds stemming from a variety of sectors. Sosa however, feels his resume fits the position of Lieutenant Governor of PA better than anyone else. He addresses the lack of experience of his party opponents, citing the importance of understanding the position before running for it.

“You cannot hop branches of government and tell everyone you are qualified for a certain position,” Sosa said. “They are rockstars in their own capacity and they understand the importance of this position, but I understand how to break down the position on a granular level because I am the only one who has held similar positions in the past. 

His background is that of servitude and education, coming from what he calls a legacy of public servants. 

“I’m not just a proud Puerto Rican but I come from a proud family of public servants. My mother worked for USAID for forty years of her life, and I traveled all over because of this. I am used to working three times as hard to prove I can do the same job as others and understand the various levels of government administration.

Ray Sosa has a vision for the future, one based on results seen in the past, and one he hopes will push Pennsylvanians forward.

“The best predictor of the future is history, and there are incumbents in government who have not dealt with true infrastructure crisis, anything related to criminal justice reform, or inter-agency coordination,” he pointed out.

Sosa also understands he has a unique background that draws him closer to the citizens of the state, particularly Latinos. Sosa feels all incumbents go to the Latin community for votes and use the citizens as a farm, rather than a point of focus for resources.

“We have 1.6 million Latinos in Pennsylvania officially, with 800,000 of those people with the ability to vote, yet we only have four representatives in the state. My team, through their research, found that my super voters, those who have voted in every cycle for the past four years, are primarily Latinos.”

The Democratic hopeful aspires to increase representation within the highest possible branches of government. 

“I am bringing black and brown representation to the executive government of the branch, where there is less than 2 percent representation,” Sosa said. “I am referring also to millennials as well, our young people to raise their hand to shape the future with new blood and new perceptions of our community. 

When asked about his legacy, Sosa shared his personal vision for his community, and how he hopes his policies will lead to this vision coming to fruition. 

“My legacy will be a change in the way our community is represented and how the policies will benefit everyone in and out of the community, and it’s time we have someone in the position that is Latino, that is experienced and that can cater to our people that have been so underserved for so many years.

Nothing is set in stone yet, but Sosa is confident his background, skills, and passion for the position make him the ideal candidate for Pennsylvanians all over the state.

“If I win, I hope to accomplish everything I am highlighting in my campaign plan. This is an office that is only for four years, so in that time I will set out to do everything I am promising.”

The elections will take place on May 17, 2022, with the primaries occurring on November 8, 2022. On these crucial days, Pennsylvanias will make decisions altering the trajectory of their state for years to come.

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  1. I’m old and white and I’m voting for you. I hope there are a lot more of me out there.

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