Mobile Mexican Consulate Provides Services in Pittsburgh

By Claire Lindsay, Journalism Intern

In the last week of June, the mobile Mexican Consulate visited Pittsburgh. During its two-day stay, individuals could obtain or renew passports and access other services. The mobile consulate offers assistance to people in cities across the US so they don’t have to travel to the Consulate of Mexico in Philadelphia.

“The advantage is that people don’t have to travel all the way to Philadelphia,” said Guillermo Velázquez, Executive Director of the Pittsburgh Hispanic Development Corporation. He said that these trips can be expensive and time consuming. “You have to have a hotel and it could be a two day, maybe even a three day trip.”

The consulate comes twice a year, typically in the spring and the fall. Its next visit will be announced by the PHDC on their website. After the announcement, the PHDC also offers a sign-up form for appointments. 

If you need to access the consulate’s services before the next visit in the fall, you can call the Consulate of Mexico and schedule an appointment. You can also see the website here for more information.

“It is important for people living here, in this case Mexican people, to know that their communities are advancing and these types of services are available and they have a level of access,” Velazquez said. “It’s all about access.”

When the consulate comes to town, its schedule fills up quickly. Keep an eye out for news and announcements to secure your appointment!

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