Kiria Cora on Wellness During the Pandemic
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Kiria Cora on Wellness During the Pandemic

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In these challenging times, many of us are seeking stress relief techniques and wellness options. We spoke with Kiria Cora, a passionate and vibrant wellness coach and Owner of InsightMe Consulting in Pittsburgh, to learn more about how she helps individuals stay mentally and emotionally healthy.

“We can reset our capacity to cope with any situation. As we take steps to reduce stress where we can, we gain strength and clarity that can help guide our way through more difficult challenges like the pandemic,” shared Kiria.

Before the pandemic, her group workshops and info-sessions covered topics including Creating Inner Balance Using Biofeedback, Learning Positive Pre-Sleep Habits, and Calm Parenting.

Now, with many people working from home and the need for social distancing, the Venezuela native’s 1 on 1 mentoring sessions are getting more popular. Kiria is grateful that technology has allowed her to reach more people in a critical time.

Speaking of Biofeedback specifically, Cora mentioned “it is a great way to practice relaxation exercises, which you fine-tune to control different body functions, increasing your awareness to help you find inner balance.”

In her coaching, Kiria embraces techniques including the Six Seconds Model and Heartmath Institute programs and strategies advocating for emotional intelligence and building of self-awareness for transformational results, even during Covid-19.

We thank Kiria for sharing her insights and enthusiasm for whole family and organizational wellness with us at Presente. To learn more about Kiria Cora’s work visit her website.

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