New Business Idea Flourishes During Covid-19

New Business Idea Flourishes During Covid-19

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In the face of the negative impact of Coronavirus on numerous businesses, there are people who have taken advantage of the changes, activating their creativity to develop new ideas.

One of those people is Alejandro Pinzón. Prior to the current emergency, the young native of Yucatan, Mexico provided Spanish language consulting services in the Pittsburgh region. Also a musician, he performed in tango music concerts locally and across the country.

When the quarantine officially began, his life changed dramatically like that of many others. As he underwent these changes, Alejandro began to rekindle his passion for leather products. In 2019 he began experimenting with leather on his own, learning from manufacturers, trying new materials and tools.

In the beginning, he just wanted to make a case for one of his musical instruments. Slowly he started playing with the idea of starting a business crafting leather products and the quarantine accelerated this process.

Alejandro Pinzón ready to work in his workshop

“I realized that launching the company in the midst of this crisis could offer people hope and happiness, in the form of leather goods that are ‘Beautiful. Meaningful. Useful.’ (Our motto). These products will be useful well beyond the time our lives return to normal,” declared Alejandro enthusiastically.

On March 20, 2020, he officially released “Corona Leather”. He began to spread the word among friends and through the social networks, about his hand-crafted leather products.

So far, Pinzón has created more than a dozen different products. He makes original designs and created custom designs based on customer requests. Backpacks, briefcases, wallets, bags, bracelets and personalized items for musicians are already part of the leather “repertoire.”

Some of Corona Leather’s creations

He is grateful for the positive response coming both from friends and strangers who have found his company pages by chance. They keep him busy designing, assembling, and finally sewing items by hand – the longest part of the process.

Corona Leather’s products have reached 5 states to date.

“I know that my ‘new normal’ has already begun and I am looking forward to the future focusing on the products that Corona Leather and I can offer. These products can last a lifetime, and so can the company with my dedication and commitment,” commented Alejandro.

We thank Alejandro Pinzón for motivating us with his ingenuity during the quarantine. We wish him much success with Corona Leather’s beautiful products.

Even during these difficult times, we must not lose hope. Like Alejandro many of us have skills and ideas that can be developed to offer something of value to others. Believe in yourself!

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