PA stay-at-home order to remain until May 8

PA stay-at-home order to remain until May 8

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Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf announced at a press conference earlier today that the stay-at-home order will continue in effect until at least May 8. Tom Wolf urged people to continue the personal distancing which has helped “stabilized new cases and prevented new infections” of the Coronavirus in the state.

Many citizens want to resume their activities and return to the normalcy that existed before, however scientific experts have emphasized that a full reopening in a single day would carry a serious risk of a second round of Covid-19 infections.

The governor assured that the state is little by little taking the steps that will take us back to a degree of normalcy. The reopening will be gradual and based on scientific data and recommendations.

Beginning May 8, some construction projects will be allowed on a limited basis, provided they strictly adhere to personal distancing recommendations. Tom Wolf also mentioned that starting Monday the state liquor stores would be offering curbside pick-up and that they will continue to communicate additional changes when more information is available.

For now, the changes that COVID-19 has brought to our lives will continue to be the norm. We must continue to work on building our patience, being ok with what is, and having faith that, in time, things will return to the normal we remember.

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