Pittsburgh’s Bright Future: A Conversation with Controller Candidate Mark DePasquale

Pittsburgh’s Bright Future: A Conversation with Controller Candidate Mark DePasquale

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Mark DePasquale knows that hope has guided immigrants in persevering through challenges since they first arrived in Pittsburgh. His four grandparents came here from Italy in the early 1900s to build a better future through hard work and dedication to the community. The family eventually served in public office.

DePasquale also wanted to serve. He began his career in the controller’s office in the 80s and then moved on to the private sector. 
Public office leaders smiling at the camera

DePasquale with Pittsburgh Mayor Ed Gainey.

He worked with large clients to improve operational efficiencies to save millions of dollars and was also a business owner. The valuable field experience trained him to spot areas of improvement and the better use of resources – a plus when he decided to return to public office. 

In the 2000s Mark was deputy director of operations working with Valerie McDonald Roberts, the trailblazing African American woman first elected to Pittsburgh City Council and a county-wide office.

“I managed the staff, and we wrote orientation and hiring policies, which was instrumental in diversity and inclusion hiring practices back then,” explained the candidate. 

DePasquale is a supporter of Pittsburgh’s immigrant and underserved populations. “As City Controller, I would advocate working with all entities and helping the Latino community grow and flourish in our region. The younger generations can take Pittsburgh to new heights,” he shared enthusiastically.

Now he is a project manager with Pittsburgh City Parks dedicated to asset facilities restoration. DePasquale is often on the ground, personally identifying run-down facilities in disadvantaged communities and championing their improvement. 

Mark spearheaded the development of Pittsburgh Hispanic Development Corporation‘s new building space in Beechview. We reached out to Executive Director Guillermo Velazquez to learn about his role in the project.

Men with suits lined up at ribbon cutting ceremony.

Mark DePasquale at the opening of Pittsburgh Hispanic Development Corp.’s new space with Executive Director Guillermo Velazquez and stakeholders.

“Mark DePasquale was an instrumental liaison with the City of Pittsburgh to ensure the completion of our new space. He is persistent and resolute in his commitment to seeing Latino entrepreneurs thrive in Pittsburgh,” said Guillermo.

Some facilities, like the Paulson Rec Center in Homewood’s Mckinley Park, were deteriorated and on the city’s closure list. Mark’s team advocated and achieved the budget for the multimillion-dollar renovation. The project included a new roof, new flooring, a new HVAC system, and space for windows to let natural light into the formerly dark space. Most importantly, new ADA accessibility improved center entry for all. 

DePasquale shared why these kinds of projects matter.

“Recreation centers bring hope, dignity, and respect to their communities, especially the kids. They engage in productive activities and learn from positive adult role models who can impact their future.”

Mark is currently a liaison to the director of the public works department and the director of parks and community groups. He also works with all city departments from the controller’s office to the office of the director of public works. Those experiences have given him a well-rounded view of the office and what can be improved.

He says many see the controller position as a watchdog waiting for others to mess up. To DePasquale, the utmost priority is to act before bad things happen. He adds,

“as City Controller, my office will expose and prevent waste before it occurs, not simply report on it after the money is gone.”

Follow Mark DePasquale on social media and learn more about his views and goals for the City Controller position at https://www.depasqualeforcitycontroller.com.

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