See Presente’s top posts of the year

See Presente’s top posts of the year

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A year can fly by when we are having fun and that is exactamente what happened for us in 2022. Our goal as you know is to connect Pittsburgh Hispanics to each other and their Western PA communities and our articles reflect that. There just always some stories that stand out when we listen to your feedback and looking at our analytics.

Many great stories, collaborations, events and more made it to our top articles list this year and we want to share those with you. If you have not read them, click on each to check them out!

Some of our most popular historias of the year in English

  1. Latino Lt. Governor Candidate Ray Sosa
  2. Mobile Mexican Consulate
  3. Breaking down the myths of being a foster parent (Sponsored)
  4. Pierre Jean Gonzalez: Hamilton Lead Star
  5. Latinos in Coraopolis (with Pittsburgh City Paper)
  6. Topiltzin Gomez’s Amazing Story: From Crossing the Border to Becoming an Executive in Pittsburgh
  7. Power 100 Who’s Who in Latino PA
  8. What undocumented immigrants need to know about their rights during COVID
  9. Independence Dates of Latin American Countries
  10. Latino Entrepreneurs in Monroeville (with Pittsburgh City Paper)

For our list of articles en español click here! And as well, GRACIAS for your support.

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