Submit your entry to Latino Outdoors photo contest by July 23

Submit your entry to Latino Outdoors photo contest by July 23

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Latino Outdoors and Hispanic Access Foundation are running an outdoors photo contest highlighting areas of special interest to the Latino community – outdoors, conservation, and growth – with a category open to youth photographers ages 6-17.

The winners will receive one of several cash prizes or a Grand Prize including $500, a GoPro 11 kit, and a camera bag.

Read below or visit the Latino Outdoors page to learn more about the contest. ¡PARTICIPA!


Todos are welcome to participate, regardless of race, creed, gender, sexual orientation, ability, language, and nationality. 


Submit up to three photos under each of the following categories. Each category reflects a subject of special interest to Latino Outdoors and Hispanic Access Foundation:

  1. Todos Outdoors: Photos that expand the collective narrative of outdoor engagement so that it is a more rich and complete story of the diverse community of people who love and care for the outdoors.
  2. Conservation Cultura: Photos that illustrate how conservation is woven into the fabric of Latinx culture. Use photography to highlight cultural elements not found in the mainstream conservation narrative with a particular focus on the intersection of the Latine identity and the natural environment.
  3. Then and Now: Latino Outdoors and Latino Conservation Week are celebrating 10 years of growth, learning, community, and movement building. Within the last decade, what changes in diversity, equity, and inclusion in the outdoors (recreation, conservation, environmental education, environmental justice, etc.) have you observed or have personally impacted you? What are your hopes for the next ten years around conservation, outdoor recreation, and environmental education? Share your response to these questions through your photography.
  4. Semillitas Outdoors: For our youth photographers ages 6-17. Photos may depict the outdoors as you know it. 


In addition to photos that capture human engagement in the outdoors, please also be sure to answer the question “What does conservation cultura mean to you?” in the photo/post caption.

We also encourage you to include a note about whose Native Lands are pictured.


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